Oct 22, 2014

Necrocarcerus Rules Updated - Version 1.1

I've updated the Necrocarcerus House Rules document to version 1.1 (353kb PDF). The link is to download this most recent version from Google Drive.

Changes include:

Hireling rules added.
Note-taker role added.
Stat modifier progression added.
Prime attribute XP modifiers added.
Rules for determining how to determine starting HP; How HP increases with level.
Social combat recalculations added.
Rangers can now only wear medium armour (previously they could wear heavy armour).
Spell failure chance while wearing armour you're not proficient with table added.
"Area" weapon quality and rule added.
Book, cleaning kit and coffee pot added to the equipment list.
Food, lodging, poisons, servants and services added to the equipment lists.
Effects of poison listed.
Costs related to changing alignment now listed.
Clarification that PCs may pursue expertise with social attack forms.
Clarification that everyone is proficient with hats.
Clarification around how you are supposed to obtain nepenthe and your own obol.
Some minor wording changes for clarification in almost every section.
Standardised formats for numbers.
The margins were changed slightly (narrowed) to allow more text per page.
The Lighting section, Spells & Spellcasting sections and Nepenthe sections were reformatted for readability.

That's everything I can think of. I've been working on this for about a week. It's about three pages longer than the previous document, although there's actually more content that's been added, it's just disguised by the increased page margins.

Oct 16, 2014

Hirelings in Necrocarcerus

This is straight from the Necrocarcerus House Rules Document 1.1 (to be finished much more promptly than 1.0 was). I chipped a bunch of it from Courtney Campbell, though I believe Heads Will Be Splattered is a unique and original adaptation of Shields Will be Splintered by me.


Hirelings are distinct from servants and specialists, who will assist PCs with tasks for a fee, but will not join them in peril. They are unable to accomplish anything requiring more than cursory attention or effort without the direct supervision of a PC.

Murderous Cretin
Jaded Thrillkiller
Death Cultist
Misguided Friend
Duped Novice
Inhumanoid Bravo
Rambunctious Drunk
Free-Spirited Golemic
Unreliable Gadabout
Impulsive Familiar
Self-absorbed Penitent
Unwholesome Mystic

Hirelings in Combat

Hirelings do not attack or defend on their own, and enemies will not normally target them. Instead, hirelings add +1 per hireling to a PC’s attacks and AC as they assist in distracting, confounding, and otherwise bedeviling opponents.

Heads Will Be Splattered
Hirelings may be sacrificed like shields and hats to absorb hits targeting a PC. A hireling who absorbs a hit is killed. A hireling receives no benefit from a shield or hat of their own.
Compensating Hirelings
A typical compensation for hirelings is ½ share of the treasure accumulated on the adventure. Some hirelings may demand other, even more unpleasant, rewards for their assistance

Hirelings will expect PCs to provide them with any specialised gear or mounts, and to cover any fees they incur.

Recruiting Hirelings

Hirelings cannot be recruited through normal channels as they, like the PCs, do not participate in the labour market. They must be found while adventuring and persuaded to join the party.

Oct 13, 2014

Necrocarcerus: The Rules

The Necrocarcerus House Rules Document is complete!

Download the rules from this link. It's a 651 KB PDF file.

The Necrocarcerus map is available from this link. (1.77 MB JPEG)

With these house rules and a copy of Swords and Wizardry Complete you should be able to create and play a character in Necrocarcerus. Necrocarcerus is a Flailsnails game though, with dead or living Flailsnails PCs welcome to adventure within.

I appreciate any and all feedback on it that people want to give. Anyone who wants to play in the Necrocarcerus game, which will be running biweekly on Saturdays at 9am EST starting this Saturday, is welcome to find me on G+ and let me know so they can be invited.

Oct 11, 2014

A Miscellany of Rules for Necrocarcerus

Some rules from the Necrocarcerus House Rules document, and a table governing available phone plans in Necrocarcerus. The first rule is on lighting:

"Light sources with a radius shine good lighting in a circle out to their distance, and shine dim lighting out to twice that distance. Cones shine in a 45-degree arc with good lighting out to their distance and shine to twice that distance with dim lighting. Beams shine on one object that they are pointed directly at with good lighting. They may be pointed at another object with an action. Someone with a beam pointed at their eyes counts as blinded."

Bullseye Lantern
20m cone
4 hrs.
Glow Button
40m beam
2m radius
1d4 turns
Safety Lantern
10m radius
4 hrs.
Waterproof Torch
10m radius
6 turns
Underwater Flare
2m radius
1 turn

The next two are on readied items and encumbrance:

"Ready items may be drawn and used in a round without expending an action. Stowed items require a round to dig them out for use. An item is readied or stowed depending on what container the PC has it in. Armour or items that a character is wearing (i.e. hats), and items they are holding in their hands always count as readied."

"PCs can carry a number of heavy items (H) equal to their Strength score freely. 1000 obols, 10 light items (L) or 5 medium items (-) can be bundled up into 1 heavy item. PCs carrying up to 2x their Strength score are encumbered and cannot run or use their hands. (NP) items cannot be carried."

Chest / Coffer
Frame Pack
1H or 1-
Scroll Case
Utility Belt
4L + 1-
Webbing Belt
8L + 2-

And on phone plans:
Cost / Mo.
Phone Calls; Texts; Clock
+ 2m beam Light; Camera; Calendar
+ Video; Conference Call Hosting

All costs are in obols.

Oct 5, 2014

Adventures in Necrocarcerus

Courtney Campbell is taking a short break from Numenhalla, which means I will be taking over the time slot (Saturday mornings 9am EST on Google Plus) to run Necrocarcerus.

In the Necrocarcerus campaign, after all other book-keeping is done, play begins with the PCs selecting one of four possible motivations for this week's adventures, depending on the style of play and adventure type they want. Once the motivation is selected, I select / roll up the adventure they will be going on as a result.

PCs may be deluded by the Confabulations of Lunatics, going on site-based adventures.

PCs may be restless, reckless, and On the Lam, going on hexcrawls, pointcrawls and overland adventures.

PCs may fall prey to the Whims of Maniacs, receiving task-based quests to accomplish for patrons.

PCs may make Poor Life Decisions, pursuing their own agendas and finding themselves in hot water.

As a sample of what these mean, I will list one rejected result from the list for each:

Confabulations: " A strike by rail workers leaves the PCs at Ottavo Station in the Far Lands. They hear of the fearsome Pyramid of the Adamantine Rat a day's journey away on foot. A guy handing out maps to tourists tells them of the ancient cult that built the Pyramid, and their fabulous alchemical wealth"

On the Lam: 'After being permanently banned from the Last Teahouse in the Far Lands for excessive revelry, the PCs find themselves on the edge of town. The rail line stretches off far to the west, while a sign saying "Forbidden" points down a muddy path through some ruins."

Whims of Maniacs: "The PCs are hired by the Underlord Santobar Nkruma to steal the cursed head of Occlan from the Museum of Impossibilities."

Poor Life Decisions: "The PCs wake up hungover and covered in blood in the royal suite of an inn, clutching a map and the severed head of Devil Mike, which is muttering something in an unknown tongue. Guards pound on the door."

Sep 24, 2014

The Inhumanoids of Necrocarcerus

The inhumanoids are the sentient creations of the rogue vorticist surgeons, one of the first forms of hylic "life" they learn to mold on the way to the clonal hylic bodies amongst which a master vorticist surgeon eventually distributes their consciousness.

Most inhumanoids follow a roughly human-like design, though they tend to be more resilient and stronger.They grow to adult size within a day or so of emerging from the vats. New inhumanoids are fed a slurry of nepenthe and pseudo-brain to instill them with necessary skills and the rudiments of a personality. This creates a tremendous demand amongst vorticists for illegal supplies of nepenthe and sacrificial victims.

The hordes of inhumanoids that periodically plague Necrocarcerus almost always originate in a vorticist surgeon losing interest in them, often even leaving fully operational spawning vats behind. These abandoned inhumanoids are often distraught and heavily armed.

Inhumanoids use orc, goblin, kobold, bugbear, hobgoblin or ogre stats, depending on their type.

Aug 27, 2014

Places to Go, Things to Kill: Ocean Null

Ocean Null is the ocean of Necrocarcerus. It does not exist in any particular location, but may be reached by losing sight of land while on an open body of water, whether from fog, darkness, or other means. It may be exited by following one of its currents until the correct shore is reached. It is a vast, stormwracked body of water mainly of use to smugglers, warlords and desperate merchants, though over the aeon of its existence it has accumulated many things that may be of interest to adventurers.

Places to Go

Vigilant Pantagruel

A town built in the empty eye-socket of a vast and ancient skeleton that rises out of the depths. Only the head is visible, though the feet are said to rest at the bottom of a oceanic chasm five kilometres below. The inhabitants mine the skull's teeth for massive slabs of bone harder than steel, and trade it to necromancers for use in undead juggernauts. It is overseen by the Parliament of Pirates, self-proclaimed lords of Ocean Null. Vigilant Pantagruel is a free port where all are welcome, no matter their crimes.

The Lashing Eyes

The Lashing Eyes are a pair of lighthouses that oversee the Great Malestrom, the largest permanent whirlpool in Ocean Null. They sit on small islands on either side of the maelstrom, and the lights are green flames endlessly spurting from the mouths of massive statues of gargoyles on iron pillars. The islands are populated by a handful of refugees who survived the Great Maelstrom and are led by the legendary killer Tzalka Mur, and the crabmen they have enslaved, who dredge untold riches from the shipwrecks laying at the bottom of the whirlpool.

Coal Slag Island

An AUC-run prison atop a giant coal seam jutting out of Ocean Null. Inmates dig the coal and refuel AUC steamers traversing Ocean Null. A red Guardian, Allumex-8, oversees their punishment, and uses fire elementals for guards. Because of its out-of-the-way location, Coal Slag Island is a popular place to hold onto high-value prisoners who are likely to escape or be freed by their allies. The entire island is blanketed with choking soot and toxic coal slag, with the narrow tip of Coal Slag Bastion poking out of the smoke. The prisoners here have a tendency to go mad and become coal wights, who are let to roam around outside the fortified mining areas to discourage escape.

Things to Kill

The Kraken Shipyard

The fever-dream of the mad dream-smith Gotomba Ryoat, the kraken shipyard is a massive golemic kraken that sails around building ships. Unfortunately, to do so it disassembles whatever ships and other objects it finds sailing loose in the ocean for their the raw materials it needs. Those sailors who do not resist are allowed to board the kraken, where they serve as labourers assisting the host of smaller golems who do work too fine for the massive manipulators. The kraken shipyard is a master at its task, and can build a ship out of almost anything in under a day. Gotomba Ryoat is long dead. His body can be seen behind the impenetrable glass of the bridge window, slumped dead over the control panel. The codes to access the bridge were lost upon his death, and now no one can prevent the kraken shipyard from destroying whatever it comes across to build more ships.

The Red Sea Bankers

The Red Sea Bank is a group of vampire pirate-captains, and one of the more aggressive pirate fleets operating across Ocean Null. Most of their crews are thralls, zombies and sea-ghouls, though they will also hypnotise the crews of ships they have captured. The Bank maintains a treasure house in Vigilant Pantagruel, but they maintain a low key presence in almost every major port in Ocean Null. Their leader, Bloodbeard, rides a skeletal chariot drawn by two nightmares that launches from the deck of his flagship, the Furious Hunger.

The Sea Devils of G'Dur

G'Dur was the Guardians' attempt to build a small city in Ocean Null as a fortified outpost for AUC. The experiment failed when the volcanic island G'Dur was on exploded. The city crumbled into the newly-formed lagoon in the centre of the island, and the few inhabitants that didn't die in the cataclysm fled, never to return. Since its abandonment, a tribe of sahaugin have taken over and appropriated the technology and infrastructure of lost G'Dur for their own uses. The tribe now numbers in the thousands, and their army is well equipped with cannons and harpoon guns. G'Dur's site was chosen so that the currents of several major exits from Ocean Null flow near to it, which the sea devils have used to their benefit by attacking ships for materials hard to obtain on G'Dur.